you may now kiss the bride…

Celebrated our wedding anniversary last night..

here is a short video of my first kiss as a Mrs., 19 years ago:

okay okay now, ours is, yes a marriage planned in heaven but is a relationship processed on earth.  so expect earthly problems to have occurred and yes we have gone through grave situations… but, through it all, God has been our “glue” and our “bridge” to cross the hurdles together, or the bridge in between us that conflicts were not left unresolved.

for the past 19 years, i can say, we are a normal earthly couple, plagued with fits of jealousy, untruthfulness, financial woes, boredom, desperation to have children, and also, sprinkled with laughter, foolishness, longing, understanding, acceptance of each other’s faults…

for those celebrating with us their wedding anniversary, maybe blissful or otherwise, all i can say is,, Congratulations and hang in there, we are all “in process” for a better place, and for whatever we go through, it is what God sends us and He makes sure we all can go through it as long as we invite Him to be a major part of the entire process we call the marriage. try Him, it will all be worth it. 🙂

“It’s not the morning, not the easy times
That I have proven my heart
It’s when I see that the darkness
Can’t tear us apart
Joy is the light of the morning hours
Love brings the darkness to dawn…

After the sunset,
After the colors have faded into the night
He brought the stars in shining in full
And we knew it was not just the night
Oh I loved you

-AFTER THE SUNSET by Debbie McNeil



“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.” -Deuteronomy 31:6

i remember when my wedding date was nearing, i packed my bags and left town for my “soul searching” and for my much needed prayer time and ask God for His will for me.

there at the hotel by myself, i got a sheet of paper, wrote my prayer to God, told Him of my situation, numbered items what me and my fiance needed to resolve to be “harmonized” because it is totally not easy for two different people with different backgrounds to live together under one roof until like, “till death do you part”….

there were 3 columns on my sheet, “situation:”, “yes/no:” – (yes, i agree/ no, i do not), “solution:”. i found out there were more NOes than yeses.. but what i wrote under “solution” column was something just came out of my pen and did as what it said…”TRUST GOD”

in all my life, i have always faced tough situations,  but God has always been there to help pull me through.. He said, “do not be discouraged, leave it to Me, I am in control!”

it was the right decision i made 🙂  i went home encouraged and looked forward to having a blissful married life.  God indeed never left me, even through our marital woes, HE prevailed. Thank You Lord!

HAPPY 18TH ANNIVERSARY DERSKY, i love you,, it was definitely not a smooth ride, but we ALWAYS got home safe. PRAISE GOD!


for better,, for worse…


my 28th birthday, June 20, 1992…. i received a bath towel as gift from my girlfriends, embroidered on it my other nickname, “BABY”… i jokingly uttered “i will use this next year when i’m married”. at that time, i was not committed to anybody, was not seeing anyone special, zero love life. this was the SUMMERTIME of my life… dry…

come July 31, 1992, the phone rang, it was him, the friend of a friend to whom she gave my home number for a possible getting-to-know chat, until we both learned we believed in the same faith, and both matured to be speaking about starting a new life with someone we’d find ‘acceptable’ if he/she came along, and then, let’s just say, wedding bells did not actually start pealing but, i knew he was the one the Lord sent for me, because i specifically asked from Him that i wanted to be married by the time i turn 29. i call this the AUTUMN of my life because just like the tree that shed her leaves, i am about to enter a new phase of my life… ready for change…

it was around October of the same year when my soon-to-be father-in-law came from Cebu City, their hometown, to finally meet his future daughter-in-law.  little did i know that the night we had dinner downtown was already a meeting with my mother to set for our engagment date as chinese tradition calls for one.  of course, the blushing lady that i was, forgot to mind all those discussions, as i was seated beside my “beau” already haha… 

on January 31, 1993, we got engaged in a simple ceremony, attended exclusively by both our families… 

our wedding was finally set on October 10, 1993 – 17 years ago. it was a wonderful christian wedding organized by my eldest sister… it was such a happy occasion..  embarking on our new life together, this was the SPRINGTIME of my life… hopeful, looking forward to raising a family twogether…

seventeen years of sickness and health, richer and poorer, ups and downs, good business or bad business, despite obstacles and rough roads along the way, we are still happily married, by GOD’S GRACE!!!    🙂  however, that dream of raising our own children did not happen as God probably decided we have other missions in life than raising kids.  this the WINTERTIME of my life…

but just like the four seasons, we all pass through each of them again and again, and right now i ought to say, we are in the SPRINGTIME… our relationship nurtured by God, and still growing to love each other everyday..  though it may not stay this way at all times, but as long as i know God is our partner as well in this marriage, we will keep on being together… until death do us part.

i love you, DERSKY, and i thank God for giving you to me, and for you to have found me.

HAPPY 17TH ANNIVERSARY to you and me 🙂 we did well…

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P.S. some photos were damaged by the flood last year, our wedding albums were never recovered, our wedding portrait gone, but our love, trust, respect and commitment for each other remain…. oh, and btw, i was baptized in water October 10, 1992 :)…