Is summer really over?  I hate to admit it but i prefer rainy days than summer days.  Yes, yes, I know the threat of having too much rain from where i live, as it caused major disaster last year (Hurricane Ketsana/Ondoy) which claimed many lives, here, in our exact neighbourhood.

However, RAIN,, for me, is that time, when I have to stay indoors and spend time with myself, enjoy the cool drizzle or downpour, listen to the whooshing of rainwater, and just taking it easy… sans the thought of another hurricane, that is an exception to the rule. 

In a country where we only have two seasons, wet and the dry seasons,  I will say that I love rain more, because it brings back the aura of my childhood when we would ask permission from Grandma if we can go out and play in the rain, or stay indoors and cuddle up in bed and be wary of nothing.  Oh how I loved standing under the broken downspouts at the corners of our house eaves, where rainwater fell heavily like the bathroom shower we never had (we used dippers )….he he…

Some say rain brings gloom in our hearts.  Do you think so too?  Now, looking out my window, I can hear raindrops, I feel good and happy.  I think it is more apt to say that what’s in my heart is  how I should feel.  Gloom or joy, regret or fulfilment, it is all up to me.  All i know is “i believe for every drop of rain that falls, a flower grows..” and right now, i love rain, and i want it to be a happy occasion when it rains.  🙂

“Sing to the LORD with thanksgiving;  make music to our God on the harp.   He covers the sky with clouds;
       he supplies the earth with rain and makes grass grow on the hills.”  PSALM 147:7~8



(article from The Philippine Star, April 07, 2010)
Last night, it was a sweltering 33 degrees in my bedroom… i have stopped turning on my A/C since January, except on some occasions, like my bi-monthly body massage (you don’t want to have sweaty massage do you?), or when nights i feel i deserve some comfort hehe.. i will concede to turning it on for just an hour or two…  
Okay, so last night was one of those nights. Came home from my practice run, (yes, i run regularly at the city oval, and we will talk about my running for sure), all sweaty and sticky, i decided to pamper myself even for an hour..
After my cold refreshing shower, i went to bed, turned off the A/C around 9:15 pm, when i thought the room was cool enough to doze off.
Lo and behold,,, 12 midnight, i was still wide awake,, tossing and turning, waiting for the “morning cool breeze” to creep into my windows (which is a myth nowadays, by the way), but all i get was the warm air blown by my small electric fan (hopeless)… this is what i put up with EVERRRRRY NIGHT since Christmas cool air has far gone!!
What do i need to do?
NOTHING, literally!…. as i lie down spread eagle… on my super king sized bed (80” x 80”- courtesy of my friend, who gave me the mattress after Ondoy / Ketsana damaged all our beds), was in my tank top and short shorts, no skin should touch any other skin on my body, lest it will sweat, no muscle should move that will cause metabolism, which will cause more heat, it was soooooooooo hot!
I began to “chant” my prayer i always utter in times of “trouble”… “LORD JESUS, PUT ME TO SLEEP, PUT ME TO SLEEP, PUT ME TO SLEEP, PUT ME TO SLEEP, PUT ME TO SLEEP, PUT ME TO SLEEP….” ZZZZZZzzzzzzzzznooorrrrkkkkkk…..
And the rest is history!
Now it’s morning, a new day has begun, with renewed spirit, with renewed hope, a little sweaty smell ewww! but with a smile on my face, thanking Him for a good night’s sleep that He finally granted. Let tonight’s ordeal wait.. he he…
Lamentations 3:22~23 “Because of the LORD’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.”