happy and energized indeed!!

today, i did something again for the first time in my life…. i ran the 5km trail run at Timberland Heights, in San Mateo, Rizal.

again, and again, if not for my friend ALLYN, i have never thought i would ever experience running the trail.  we got our free race kits via emails only when she joined in the invitation. how lucky can we get??!!!

She with hubby and son, partially completed the Team Go, did the 10km distance, while i, and my niece, Angel, finished 5kms.  Angel clocked at 43 minutes, 13 minutes earlier than i did, which was at 56.33 minutes. hmmm not bad for a newbie in trail running huh!!??!!

well, i could have finished earlier, but i couldn’t help but stop a few times just to look around, see what’s there to see, and look what i found!! wild flowers in pink, purple and orange!!! (forgive me for blurred shots.. i used someone else’s camera and was not familiar with it).

the trail was quite ordinary, considering it to be summertime, nothing really challenging (like mud or flowing water anywhere, only drinking water for runners). a lot of steep slopes that at one point i thought i was going to faint he he.. but i was okay, i started humming the song “what a wonderful world” because it was just me and nature there,  sticks and stones,  and roosters crowing, reminding us that it is still morning. not much concrete except on some parts, and by the way, no iPod this time, because i wanted to hear nature talking to me :)…. 

after the run, there was free breakfast and live band playing local tunes. very festive mood indeed.

it was a wonderful Sunday morning, i thanked God that i can still run uphill, downhill,, i thanked God for friends, like Allyn, thank you so much!  i thanked God for my family, my sister, and my nieces, who always join me in my “escapades” like this one, i love them all.. 

Lastly and most especially, i thank God for my life, my simple life, that He still allows me to do the things i have never tried before,, and appreciate simplicity in any form and in any way..

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