taking a road trip….

tomorrow, we’re taking a road trip to California via Portland, Oregon from Richmond, B.C. to see family… i am so excited… this is our first time to travel by car to California.

road trip

it’s supposed to be a total of 16 hours non-stop drive for my husband (yes still didnt get my driver’s license, poor Dersky) but we opted to stay one night in Ashland, Oregon  for him to take a break  then resume traveling the next day, splitting our travel time to 10 hr & 6 hr drive on each day, with road stops in between.

the longest i have driven was from Manila to Baguio City (“BAH-giow” with g as in go), which is the summer capital of the Philippines due to her cool weather. this was summer of 2005. it is approximately 206 kms (128 miles) from Manila to Baguio City, a total drive of about 6 to 7 hours including road stops and meal breaks, we get to pass through various towns and enjoy the counrtyside scenery with farmlands and riverbanks, from Bulacan, to Pampanga, to Tarlac, to Pangasinan, to La Union and then Baguio…

as we approached the city, winding roads, zigzagging through the mountainsides begin at the foot of the mountain and we start to feel the cool breeze and smell pine trees, then you’ll know you’re almost there.

baguio city

Kennon Road, Baguio City Philippines

it would be nice to share my photos from that trip but i realized my photo CDs have all been shipped out already back to the Philippines…

i love road trips, especially when i am the one driving. it gives me the sense of freedom and the feeling of being in control, even the radio dials, he he.. much like in my running, it won’t work without my music.. but since Dersky will be driving, i will have to bear with his Shirley Basseys and Michael Learns to Rock music. i wish he’d play some of my ’80s favorites..

all this i thank You Lord for the travel opportunities You give me and my Dersky.. and not only do we get to see many beautiful places You have created, it is the getting to see family and friends again that makes the trip more worth taking… we are so blessed!!  will keep you posted 🙂