home is where my heart is…

i am home.. well, i am now back at home in B.C.,, but i was also at home in Manila.. i guess i will claim the old adage, “home is where the heart is”, as mine when asked where i live.

i ♥ shirts

my 6 weeks stay in the Philippines was just for warming up. just when i begin to feel “at home” again, it’s time to go home. he he.. confusing? yes, i too am confused which to call my home. so i had better just say, home is where my heart is.

home is with my runners group, when we ran daily early evenings, it was swell time meeting new breed of runners, my love for running even grew fervently. thank God for new friendships..

home is with my nieces whom i would always gladly spend time with. i watched them grow up to be young adults and it is always fun to be with them as it also brings out the youth in me. i feel they look to me as their “fun-loving” auntie, the source of many escapades.. at least i try to, my heart is with them always. i would tell them, some day, you will remember the fun times we had and share the stories to your children and do the same for them as what my mom did to us.. (BTW, it’s mama’s 82nd birthday today! Happy birthday Mama..)


home is with my church family, where i mature spiritually, where a four legged chair i sit on, my church is that one leg holding me up. the other three happen to be my husband, my family and my friends, of course, GOD is the seat he he.. i sit upon His tender love and care.

finally, home is where i feel safe and secure, and that is in the presence of God, who takes care of me at all times, troubling or joyful times, either here or there, or everywhere… as long as He is with me, i will always be home.

How about you, where is your home?




HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you, my blogging friends, my readers, those stumbled upon my blog, unexpected visitors, i truly appreciate you liking what i share, sincerely from the heart.

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i pray for more words to share, more thoughts to open up, more ideas to light up…

cheers to the new year!! blessings to all.


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