what distracts you?

are you capable of multi-tasking?

according to the dictionary, to multi-task is “to perform two or more tasks simultaneously”, as i understand it, it goes without saying, performing different tasks AND completing them.

what about those tasks not completed? i don’t call mine as multi-tasking,  i simply call them distractions…


i happen to be the web admin of our church website. as such, i am tasked to update the site regularly, to post news and events happening or just a simple banner for what the occasion may be! but you know my laptop is my “work desk” where i keep everything i want to do for the day. i have some accounting work to finish, check out zumba(R) videos that i want to add to my playlist, to write my blog, and do some more reading… so guess what happens when i boot up my laptop…

first i open my church website, hmmm let me see, what do i have today. ooh, i have to upload yesterday’s sermon.. so while waiting for the upload, i go to my emails and work on some financials,, hmmm, too much work to start for now, why don’t i check  youtube first, see what’s latest in zumba videos, hmmm, i love this music, who sang this? i look for the original artist.. hmmm, is he really? i check wikipedia, he is!!! oh.. so i remembered my church website. is it done uploading? okay now it’s time to edit…but then Dersky comes home i need to set the dinner table… i drop everything… and so on and so forth… until i lost track of what i was really doing.

yesterday was Father’s day, i was in church, i thought, how could i have forgotten to post a heartwarming greet to all fathers at church? my bad tsk tsk.. i felt so ashamed that i promised myself i will focus more on what i do than do this and that sporadically?!?!?!?

how do you cope with life’s distractions? take heart! every new day is a new leaf turned over, another day to look forward to doing it better. God is gracious that He forgets our mistakes… as long as we re-commit our lives to Him each and every day…

have a great Summer!!!



thank God for June…

it’s June!!!!

it’s been 3 weeks since coming back from my long vacation in my home country, the Philippines.


every time i come back from a long stay in Manila, i always get the homesick bug biting me deeply.. it took me that long to recover from vacation hangover and now that it’s the first day of June, i decided i have to totally fight it off and continue with my life as it used to be…

so today, i got up with a brighter outlook that things will be fine from today on wards.

first off, what’s happening this month? well, i will miss running a half marathon event this year here in B.C. since i have already run a half in Manila last April. even though i planned on joining the event on June 28th via the Scotiabank Vancouver Half Marathon Run, i decided otherwise. maybe i will just be running the same distance on the same day, here in my neighbourhood, whatever… however, i signed up for the Color Run Vancouver on the 13th of June with my friend who invited me to join their group. run event is only for 5 kilometers but we’ll be running/walking/dancing to the finish line. i am so excited as it will be my first time to experience this.

then comes my 51st birthday on the 20th.. it’s a Saturday so i am looking forward to celebrating it with my Dersky since it’s his day off from work. hmmm,,, craving for some Mediterranean fare.. or maybe climb the Grouse Grind again with my girlfriends…. that would be great!!


enough of sulking and missing home for me… i choose J-O-Y!! thank God for June, it’s my favorite month, it’s the month when God gave me the gift of life, He never had second thoughts in bringing me out into this world so how else will i repay Him but to enjoy His precious gift!!


“Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy! “~ Psalm 126:5


how do you give?

good saturday afternoon!

yesterday after work, i dropped by at the church to volunteer sorting donated clothes, courtesy of Center Street Church in Calgary, headed by Pastor Wayne Smele. there were like 70 bagsful of used clothing to be given away for free today.

(click on photos for larger view)

we had so much fun folding, sorting, which table do men’s jeans go, ladies tops, children’s jammies, and some even gave away their,, er… underwear? but i think (and i hope) they’re new and never been worn hehe.. we finished after almost two hours, that included some chit chat, stories here and there, making fun of some odd shaped clothing like you’ll wonder what in the world is it? a shawl? a shirt? or a table runner?

last year, our Filipino group from where i work conducted a clothing drive when the devastating Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines, particularly, Tacloban… then a leading Philippine courier company offered to send boxes for free so we grabbed the opportunity to solicit used clothing from workmates and footwear as well, or anything of use, as long as it helps our beloved countrymen.  we gathered i think 7 boxes in all..!! 🙂


in the pile of clothes we received, there was a comforter. hmm it’s perfect as they can use it to sleep on, what with their houses blown away along with there cots or cardboard beds (majority of the affected were the poorer population).. however,, (this is kinda disgusting).. it reeked of… i cannot describe it, it stunk so bad that i brought it to the laundromat before packing it.. i don’t think it will be proper to send a stinking bed sheet and to someone so down and out and in dire need of ‘comfort’, so to speak..

not that i am an ingrate, you see, i am happy that we received all those donations,, but,,, my question is, how do you give? rather than what do you give?

to quote Mother Teresa, “it is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”… maybe if we give something away to charity, we ought to think of the recipient. do we really give from the heart or just getting rid of things? i too am guilty of this of course, but God gives us second chances as there are so many opportunities to do what we gotta do….. what do you think?

“Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” ~ 2 Corinthians 9:7


looking for signs…

done with my 14th week of 16-week train plan. 19 days to go ’til race day! i followed a 16-week training plan i got from Runkeeper, but wondering why there’s one more extra week actually… but i’ll just stick to the schedule.. 

19 days

Saturdays are LSD days.. last Saturday, i almost was not able to do my last long run before taper time, if not for my habit of looking for signs to help me decide on a lot of trivial things..

i had chores to do on that day that I was considering running my LSD on Sunday. But to make it easier for me, I asked for a sign. Walking on my way home from lunching with friends, it was about 3 p.m., I told myself, if a lady runner ever crosses my path, then I will do it today.

in the past, I honestly rarely see lady runners in our area, so I was already looking forward to taking my nap when I get home or watch my recorded tv programs, when halfway through my walk, there she appears ‘round the corner in a bright pink shirt, a lady runner who I wished (at first) would never show up..

but, I’m glad she did. i had a great 18 km run, started at 4:07 p.m. and finished 2 hours and 3 minutes later. whew!! i was alone again, naturally.. had stitches @ 14kms but I recovered. i was able to tackle the uphill Queensborough Bridge and towards the Canada Way (in Burnaby) that has an elevation of 128 meters, good for my leg workout. done!

saturday run

i have often asked God for signs before i step into something i am unsure of, but, i need the Holy Spirit’s guide to lead me to where God will be pleased. let me warn you though that not all signs may be God’s will for you. then how do you know if the sign is from God?  if what you asked for is in accordance with His words, and it’s when circumstances facing you will make the decision easy to accomplish. i believe God always sends something that will make me think again, and re assess the situation.. however, despite these “system checks”, I still failed many times but my failures were the very experiences that helped me grow in faith and rely more on Him.  

do you ever ask for signs from God?  do it fervently, and with a trusting heart… remember that God will never fail you, He is always up to something good… 🙂

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;   I will counsel you with my loving eye on you.” ~Psalm 32:8


to be goal focused…

according to the weather channel, this week’s weather will be rain, rain and more rain until Sunday. since i have already set my 16-week train plan for my half marathon run on May 4th, i must consider these rainy days that may hamper my plan. so, do i not run on rainy days or do what other “passionate” runners do, run in rain, sun, sleet or snow?


my first train day (January 05 – on a Monday) guess what, it was frosty and icy all over and the weather was negative 3 (thank God we have better weather than the east coast but, my heart goes to those experiencing worst weather)… i did 5 kms easy run and the rest is,,, just wonderful. for the next two training days, i.e. Wednesday and Friday, it was raining but nothing deterred me from running.


i got my train plan from Runkeeper app. and in between run days, i do my core and cardio workouts and found this on youtube:

the routine is very kind to my shoulders and for someone my age, it’s a thumbs up. i attempted to do vinyasa last Thursday, well, i survived it but doing planks or downward dogs still put strain on my good shoulder as i have to go easy on my healing “frozen” left shoulder, but definitely can’t do eagle pose (OUCHY!!!) hu hu…

today’s run schedule will be skipped due to more rain, will try my luck tomorrow.

how about you? how do you keep up with your run goals? it’s easy to say “not today” but i think it is worse to say “i should have…”

enjoy your workouts! and lastly, here’s something to inspire you to push on…

Hebrews 12:11 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.