labor day labor….

i have climbed the Grouse Grind 3 times in the past, and yesterday, aptly “LABOR” day hehe i “labored” my fourth climb trying to beat my best time of one hour and 36 minutes when i did that the first time in September (Labor day also) 2011.. but i was slower by 6 minutes but still am happy i finished it.

before anything else, here are some facts about the Grouse Grind:

it is a 2.9 km. climb located just in North Vancouver, which is less than an hours drive from where i live.. this is one thing i love about B.C., there are so many trails you can go to that are located within the city or an easy ride in an hour or two… and you get fantastic vistas… really..

the trail is a “stairway” trail of 2,830 steps till you reach the summit. definitely not for the faint hearted, i have always imagined myself having a heart attack up there, no kidding…

the record climb time as of today is 23:48 minutes held by Sebastian Salas in 2010. oh my goodness!! at this time i was still 500 meters from the trail head hahaha.. read more about it here.

well, i had my 2 girlfriends with me Dio and Blynn with her better half Phil… that it made the hike more fun..

enough said, here are some snapshots from the hike yesterday.. enjoy!!

and here is a short video i took:

To God be All Glory!!


almost there….

July 1st was Happy Canada Day!

it was a day well spent, having gone hiking with my dear girlfriends, Blynn and Dio, with Blynn’s lovey dovey, Phil.

group photo

Dio, Phil & Blynn and Lugs 🙂


at the trailhead

at the trailhead

we went up to JOFFRE LAKES (French pronunciation Joh-fr) in Mount Currie, B.C. approximately 2-2.5 hours drive from Vancouver.   in total it is an 11 km hike, with approximately 400 m. elevation gain, passing by 3 breathtaking lakes, they call them lower, middle and the upper lakes.   in between you get to see the cascades from Matier Glaciers, they are sooo beautiful and serene feeling, you get to say thanks to God once you see the sight.   for those visiting B.C., i highly recommend this trail… 

having my frozen right shoulder (yes, again), had me second thinking if i will join the hike or not, but what da heck, i didn’t want to spend my holiday cooped up in my home heat padding and golf balling my shoulder when i can go out and appreciate Mother Nature, in capital letters as my respect for her… and i am super glad i did go…

the hike was a moderate climb. normally, it takes less than 4 hours to finish the entire trail.. but add to that, the selfies, the photographs, the lunch breaks, the water breaks, and all the moments you say your ooohs and aaahs, and feasting your eyes on what nature has to offer, all in all we finished the trail in almost 5 hours… 

Please enjoy the photos we took:

before reaching the upper lake, descending hikers we meet along the way would tell us “almost there!”,,, likewise, when we were on our way back to the trail head, ascending hikers would encourage us saying “almost there!!” two words that give encouragement and hope that we will soon be finishing the hike, either ways.   yes, trails are fun, but it is also tiring but compensated by the high that you get upon reaching the top and the finish line.. 🙂

going through difficulties in life is similar to trekking the mountains… we often would want to hear someone tell us “you’re almost there”… meaning we’ll soon pass this and overcome the obstacles.. much like the trails i have gone through, there were easy parts and steep climbs, there were parts where i needed a hand to cross the big boulder…. as in life, there will be days we feel we’re okay and days when we feel almost hopeless we just want to give up and days we need a hand to pull us up.. hearing someone’s comforting words as “you’re almost there, you can make it” could change his/her perspective into something positive.

IMG_7706 (800x599)

so, is there any one you know, a loved one, a friend, who needs to hear from you these words, “you’re almost there, you gonna make it”?   go ahead…. say it, do not withhold it…  simple but precious words to someone losing hope.. may God bless you…

“He comforts us every time we have trouble so that when others have trouble, we can comfort them with the same comfort God gives us.”  ~2 Corinthians 1:4


Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s thanksgiving day!!

i had the opportunity to join my friends, Blynn and Phil to go trail hiking at Mt. Seymour in North Vancouver yesterday, Sunday. so far this is my fourth trail hike in my lifetime. my very first was my high school Bivouac in Batulao, Batangas, the second was my 5 km trail run at Timberland heights, San Mateo, Rizal, both in my home country, the Philippines, and my third was at the Grouse Grind, and my fourth and latest was at Mt. Seymour, both in North Vancouver.

the trail hike i did yesterday was so far my longest, “serious and real” thing, and most challenging, thus my favorite one.

at 19 degree weather, we began ascent at 10:47 a.m. reached the top of 1st Peak around 12:30 p.m. the view was indeed a thanksgiving sight to see, what with a clear sunny sky, a glorious day and the scenery where you can see the lower mainlands and City of Vancouver. i packed for the hike some apples, bananas and protein bars for the 3 of us, while Blynn took care of our sandwiches for lunch. the climb was moderate to difficult and just like i experienced at the Grouse, i thought i will not be able to reach the top, i can hear my heartbeat like thumping drums from a distance. but remembering again that it is a mind over matter thing, like running long distance, i overcame and conquered it!! we met other hikers on either way, where we said hellos to strangers that feels good inside.. we overtook a couple of septuagenarians with their hiking sticks and what a feat they were into!  

descending was more difficult since the trail was mostly loose rocks/stones that made every step hard on my “ageing” knees he he.. we left the  peak around 1:15 p.m., decided not to proceed to 2nd pump peak and Mt. Seymour summit, because that will be another 2 hours to our estimated finish time.

we were back at the trailhead by 3:03 p.m. a good 4 hours hiking, total 7 kilometer distance.

today, Thanksgiving day, i thank God for the wonderful nature He carefully created for us,, and for everything He bestowed upon us, all to return to Him for His Glory and Praise. Thank You Jesus!