Happy New Year 2015!!

as i type this, there are 4 days left till the new year arrives.


i admit i didn’t do well with my running this past year (2014) in terms of diligence… but at least i was able to finish my third half marathon last May. i am experiencing hamstring pain for the past few months that i kinda slowed down a bit from running. i resorted to Zumba just to keep myself physically active…  for the coming year though, i am thinking of signing up for a Half marathon event happening on June 28th. plenty of time to heal, plenty of time to regain my endurance after the holidays. it’s good to have a running goal this early so i will get motivated.

i am just agreeing with an article i’ve read a few months back which touched on the topic about how being 50 should not stop you from being active. i want to encourage you, especially those my age, to at least try and look for some activity that will keep your circulation going. it will be really healthy.. you might just even walk…. and to perk up your enthusiasm, why not invest on some gadgets that are now in the market to monitor your progress. this is one motivation for you. ok, i am not encouraging you to spend, i am just suggesting anything that maybe will ‘FORCE’ you to just go and do it. sometimes if we think we spent already for something (like signing up for the gym, which my sister did so now she has no choice but to go hahaha)… might as well have really good use for it than nothing at all, right? in my case,, Dersky gifted me with a Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS watch for Christmas, and i love it!  thank you Dersky. so, this encourages me the more..


well, here’s to a new year of more active life, and hopefully no injuries, pain is inevitable,, but there will always be healing..

Happy Running and Zumba-ing…  God bless you!