on Fathers’ Days and Birthdays…


Since my birthday falls in the third week of June, it usually coincides with Father’s Day.

I grew up without a Dad, sad to say… and my Dersky (dear hubby) has never been a dad… but, this is one of God’s ways of teaching us to be steadfast in His love and provisions, despite some “incompleteness” that seems to be existing in our, Dersky’s and my, lives. So, love your Dad and love being a Dad while you can… i should say…. FINALLY, i have found a PERMANENT DAD in all my life,,, Jesus Christ… He is not only my Lord and Saviour, He IS my one and only DAD to whom i can lean on, i can trust, i can pour out everything that’s in my heart, a shoulder to cry on, whatever a DAD should be to me and MORE!! 🙂 

Having spent the first 3 weeks of my birthday month, what have i accomplished of my Birthday wishes so far?

1.   To complete my first 10km whether in a race or during practice runs… This i haven’t accomplished. Since it started raining, i haven’t had that much time to be at the oval nor join any races this month.  Nevertheless, these last three days, i am happy that i was able to be at the oval, once even ran in the rain!! I really had fun running in the rain!

2.  To finish reading M,M,L,J… these are the first four books of the New Testament. I finished the first two books, and now still on Luke.. I hope to finish before June ends.. 

3.  To have my skin renewal.. done with that and happy with the results!!

At the end of the day, i have added number one to my age, but consider myself a work in progress, as i still go through God’s honing, whittling of my character, so that i will live longer according to what He wants me to be… so that on the day i have to go home, i will be ready.

Dear Lord,     Thank You for creating me, forgive me for all of my shortcomings and overdoing…  Be with me always as You have always been.  Thank You for the two people I love the most after You, my mother (who also acted as my “father” on earth) and my Dersky.. Most of all, thank YOu for being my DAD always, Bless me with more humility and acceptance. Thank You for all your provisions in my 46 years of existence.  Thank You for making me know You and have You in my heart, today and always.  In Jesus’ most holy name.. AMEN.