…sojourn with A.P.

Today, I received another very EXCITING advanced birthday treat!

I was at the mall, after work, for my second visit to the skin clinic, (ahem, remember my birthday wish list?).  I have invited my sister and my niece, Angelyn, to accompany me so they can go window shopping while I was at the clinic. It was a brief check up so I went up to the second level to meet up with them right after we were done.

Luck of all my lucks, guess who was also around there, in my hometown mall, of all the other cities where he could possibly be????  ARNEL PINEDA,  yes, THE lead vocalist of the band, JOURNEY.

I forgot already what my brother in law was texting me about asking me to buy something for him.  I forgot about my sister who wanted to meet me on the second floor.  I forgot about the dried fish and rice cake I was buying for mom….

Good thing I have not forgotten my camera, and without batting an eyelash, went to him and asked for a photo, A photo! Phooey! Why did I just ask for A photo????  Another good thing was my sister showing up at the very right time to shoot this photo for me.

I was definitely star struck (shame, shame), he was really nice and accommodating,, and he smelled good, ooops,, he he… I was speechless, I kept thanking him and hugged him tight, and it made my day, really. 

Aside from enjoying Journey music, even Steve Perry days, I am proud of A.P., proud of what he has brought our beloved “poor” country…

Okay, forget about not being able to run this p.m. due to rain, this one was waaaay better!!  🙂 

Eat your heart out, MANNIX!

“Don’t stop believin’ Hold on to the feelin’ …..” ~Journey