Hello there!!

LUGA (loo-ga), that’s me! it is my nickname, 🙂 i am called LUGA by my schoolmates since my third grade i think. one claims she invented my nickname, but really, i cannot remember how it came about and it just stuck until we graduated from High School and now we are all pushing to be Golden Gals, some do still call me LUGS  (loogs), some call me already by my real name.

you can read here what LUGA really means in our native Philippine language. not that i had one, it is just because “LU” rhymes with my real name’s last syllable and they teased me by calling me that. but, what’s in a name anyways. i hope each time you visit you get some encouragement and inspiration and the understanding that i do not live a perfect life but i do my best to stay positive each day. i am a Christian and a firm believer of the Lord Jesus.. i try to infuse my Christian faith into my blogging using my daily ordinary life experiences.

and by the way, i am also an avid runner, thinking that God woke me up in my mid 40’s to be active and improve my lifestyle that lead me to quitting smoking and be more conscious of my diet.

so,, read on, hope you enjoy what i have to share… as my friend, Allyn taught me,, Carpe diem! life is too short to sulk! 🙂


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