double ten…double happiness…

thank God we arrived Taipei, Taiwan safely last Thursday morning, eastern time, and despite having traveled for 13 hours, we started the day already touring the city and checking out what we’ve missed for the last ten or so years that we have not visited..

yesterday, October 10, or double ten, was a special date for three good reasons, for me, i.e.

here in Taipei, Taiwan, it is a big holiday, double ten is the National Day of Republic of China. it was when the Republic was established after the fall of Qing Dynasty in China.. ahem,, it’s from wiki pedia.. read here.. now for a little chinese calligraphy: the number ten is written like a plus sign 十 so, the date October 10, is written as: 十月十日 and two tens would look like this:


October 10 is my father’s birthday as well though i never met him while growing up as he was gone before i turned a year old via vehicular accident. Happy birthday, Papa!

and lastly,the day also happens to be our 22nd wedding anniversary!! it’s double two on double ten.. :)… and double happiness of course…

IMG_8657 (800x600)

so, it’s partly why we have decided to do a five day R & R here before finally heading home, to celebrate our anniversary.

what do i know of Taiwan? Taiwan, though a tiny leaf shaped island, as i see it is a bustling little nation, not so much making noise in the outside world but if you come visit, you’ll see that she is progressing quite steadily. it is known to be greatly involved in manufacturing industry, i remember when i was younger, most of our household items were “made in Taiwan”.. but now she is into technological innovations as the rest of the world are so doing…


every night, the department stores are so so busy and they really spend to shop! i am so impressed… subway system is also efficient like Hongkong. i believe transportation efficiency is one major key to being progressive. people need to go places in less time to accomplish more. the little problem here i noticed is the language barrier, which is not unusual in many other Asian countries (except the Philippines due to huge American influence, and of course Singapore). though i can understand and speak very little mandarin, i am lucky to have my Dersky with me,, he speaks it fluently…

all in all, yesterday was a good day, double happiness for me :).. went to visit Tamshui (淡水) where the fisherman’s wharf is, which is accessible by MRT. here are some photos from places we’ve been to: (click photos for larger viewing)


we still have two full days here, will be checking night markets for good finds to bring home…

Thank You Dear Lord for my eyes, that i can see the beauty of your creation…
Thank You Dear Lord for my ears, that i can hear the noise that is life…
Thank You Dear Lord for my nose, that i can smell stinky tofu and know how good it is!
Thank You Dear Lord for my feet, that i spent the whole day walking.. bringing me to places new to me…
Thank You Dear Lord,, just Thank You… 🙂

“Praise the LORD. Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.” ~Psalm 106:1



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