Happy Thanksgiving…

it’s Thanksgiving once again… (Celebrated October 12th in Canada)


yesterday, the church hosted a thanksgiving luncheon and also farewell for me and Dersky… i love my church… i am so blessed… in the morning, we attended our last church service after 8 years of building up friendships and fellowships, before flying home and as i sang with the praise team up in front, i was a bit in tears, looking at our church members who i came to love especially the seniors, they are in their 80’s and 90’s… the good bye they gave me was… “see you in our Father’s house”, telling me that it won’t be long that they will soon be called home.. 😥 i am going to miss them.. 


we aren’t totally done with packing and clearing our apartment, i can’t believe we have accumulated so much in just 8 years!! first we dumped everything in the bedroom, it’s where we choose which ones to throw away, which ones to give away, and those we will bring home, we dump in the living room… now it’s the second stage sorting haha,, asking each other, do we really need this? so, until we trimmed down our stuff to those that we want to bring home then we pack them.. 

last week i was in San Francisco, i came across a book which i almost bought, good thing i didn’t but i guess Miss Fate wants me to have it when i saw it here in B.C. at 25% less the price.. i think i have to read this through now that we are starting again once we arrive in the Philippines… friends say cluttering runs in our family, i am in denial, but, guess what,, 60 to 70% of what we packed were all mine.. Dersky’s not complaining though… i still deny it that i am a clutterer.. i am just senti-“mental”… he he..


the book that might cure my sentimentalism

our flight is tomorrow night, so my target is to finish everything by noontime tomorrow before we call our landlord for a walk through..

a big big sigh… once we land in Manila, this will be over.. it’s back to business,, life goes on again… just move on, move on… 

i am tired, but thank You Dear Lord, for sustaining me.. i am grateful for each day that i am able to accomplish things.. You have given me much, i truly believe You have been looking after me and Dersky with so much grace and mercy and LOVE.. 🙂

meantime,, i have to ready myself for the 13 hour flight, stopping in Taipei, Taiwan for 5 days before heading to Manila for another 2 hour flight….. whew!! 

are you tired?  ask God for strength, He will definitely keep you going as long as you allow Him to… surrendering is the thing to do.. 🙂

“The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to go on the heights.” ~Habakkuk 3:19



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