labor day labor….

i have climbed the Grouse Grind 3 times in the past, and yesterday, aptly “LABOR” day hehe i “labored” my fourth climb trying to beat my best time of one hour and 36 minutes when i did that the first time in September (Labor day also) 2011.. but i was slower by 6 minutes but still am happy i finished it.

before anything else, here are some facts about the Grouse Grind:

it is a 2.9 km. climb located just in North Vancouver, which is less than an hours drive from where i live.. this is one thing i love about B.C., there are so many trails you can go to that are located within the city or an easy ride in an hour or two… and you get fantastic vistas… really..

the trail is a “stairway” trail of 2,830 steps till you reach the summit. definitely not for the faint hearted, i have always imagined myself having a heart attack up there, no kidding…

the record climb time as of today is 23:48 minutes held by Sebastian Salas in 2010. oh my goodness!! at this time i was still 500 meters from the trail head hahaha.. read more about it here.

well, i had my 2 girlfriends with me Dio and Blynn with her better half Phil… that it made the hike more fun..

enough said, here are some snapshots from the hike yesterday.. enjoy!!

and here is a short video i took:

To God be All Glory!!


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