change of plans….

our suite is almost empty…
my dresser, my cupboard, our bedroom, the walls,,,
the furniture one by one sold, disposed of, or been donated…
tv sets are boxed, etc..



there is a major change happening here. after 8 years of living life in Canada, we are moving on.. moving back to our home country…

as my dear husband “un-hang” our portrait we got from Sears to pack it away, i cried a little bit…

is this temporary or permanent move? i do not know… 8 years ago, i had the same question as we packed our things to land here in this beautiful part of the world…. i guess this move answers it… now, i cannot say if our moving back will be something permanent or just another “spur of the moment” decision… but no, it is not spur of the moment decision. it has been lingering in both my husband and my mind. first me, then him, then, took a while until our minds synced. so came the unanimous decision as we always try to decide on major things together… maybe this is how it is when we grow older, we tend to be reminiscent of where we came from, of the usual…. and for a really small family of two, we can go where our minds and hearts want to bring us without any care for our child’s school, peers, etc etc..

is this God’s plan for us? or merely our plan? i do not know… we have constantly prayed for God to reveal His plans for us,, and as the day came nearer and plans laid down, the circumstances make our decision justifiable… opportunities back home are opening up…. an office associate, having a high risk pregnancy, needs relief from work, and i am just the right person to help her having worked with her for many many many years… and a new line of business is brewing and so on….

it is difficult to detach myself from things i have gotten used to, we all do oftentimes, right? but what comforts me is the thought that it is just temporary where i am, whether here or there, someday, i will be called to my permanent home… but in the meantime, life goes on, i have to move on, one step at a time, and totally surrendering everything to God in prayer and in faith…

so,, it’s good bye for now here.. but not yet forever…

Proverbs 19:21 ESV “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”



2 thoughts on “change of plans….

  1. Such a great perspective. I loved this line most of all: “…what comforts me is the thought that it is just temporary where i am, whether here or there, someday, i will be called to my permanent home.”
    I will keep you and your husband in prayer. Let us know when you get settled – don’t wait too long to write again!

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