what distracts you?

are you capable of multi-tasking?

according to the dictionary, to multi-task is “to perform two or more tasks simultaneously”, as i understand it, it goes without saying, performing different tasks AND completing them.

what about those tasks not completed? i don’t call mine as multi-tasking,  i simply call them distractions…


i happen to be the web admin of our church website. as such, i am tasked to update the site regularly, to post news and events happening or just a simple banner for what the occasion may be! but you know my laptop is my “work desk” where i keep everything i want to do for the day. i have some accounting work to finish, check out zumba(R) videos that i want to add to my playlist, to write my blog, and do some more reading… so guess what happens when i boot up my laptop…

first i open my church website, hmmm let me see, what do i have today. ooh, i have to upload yesterday’s sermon.. so while waiting for the upload, i go to my emails and work on some financials,, hmmm, too much work to start for now, why don’t i check  youtube first, see what’s latest in zumba videos, hmmm, i love this music, who sang this? i look for the original artist.. hmmm, is he really? i check wikipedia, he is!!! oh.. so i remembered my church website. is it done uploading? okay now it’s time to edit…but then Dersky comes home i need to set the dinner table… i drop everything… and so on and so forth… until i lost track of what i was really doing.

yesterday was Father’s day, i was in church, i thought, how could i have forgotten to post a heartwarming greet to all fathers at church? my bad tsk tsk.. i felt so ashamed that i promised myself i will focus more on what i do than do this and that sporadically?!?!?!?

how do you cope with life’s distractions? take heart! every new day is a new leaf turned over, another day to look forward to doing it better. God is gracious that He forgets our mistakes… as long as we re-commit our lives to Him each and every day…

have a great Summer!!!




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