a run dedicated to save the earth…

each time i tell my friends that i have signed up for this or that run, the next question they usually ask is, “what cause is this run for?”…

on April 26, this Sunday, yes that’s 6 days away from today,, i will be running my half marathon event (my first time in the Philippines) called Earth Day Run 2015 hosted by National Geographic Channel. it has been organized in partnership with the World Wild Fund (WWF) to save the endangered Philippine Buffalo or we call it Tamaraws (Bubarus Mindorensis), which mostly are found in Mindoro, an island south of Luzon.


THE TAMARAW – wikipedia


The Mangyans – wikipedia

their main objective is to help increase population of this species, as it is currently dwindling in number, at the same time help the natives (called “Mangyans”) who take care of the buffalos… or something like that.. the event also aims to raise funds to provide for electricity to the indigenious Mangyans. for registration fee of P950.00 (roughly US$21.50), i am happy to participate in it… truly we ought to be more wary of how we treat mother nature, also called our dear EARTH… the bible says in Psalm 24:1 “The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it..”

if this is so, it is, therefore, just proper that we take care of mother earth. don’t you think we should take care of things that are only loaned to us or those that were put under our care? i pray that this project will be successful, it will be good for the next generation, lest they miss out on the wonderful world God meticulously created for us.. one project at a time, we will all get there.. monterey M.


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