Miss Countdown…

my dear brother, Tony, calls me “Miss Countdown”… because each time something’s coming up, like scheduled travels, a race that i have signed up with, someone special’s birthday, etc, i would announce to the family “10 days to go.. ” “3 days to go”…

i guess nothing is wrong with that… i am always super hyper with anything, or i could also be the opposite, dreading the arrival of something, like now, i have 38 days to go til i fly back to BC, i don’t want to think of leaving yet, but the day is coming nearer and nearer..

yesterday, i told my brother, i have so many things still need to be done, yet there is not much time for me. i remember that huge bulletin board in High School where it was written boldly: Live your life as if it were your first day, your last day, YOUR ONLY DAY! now whoever authored this motto sure did know how precious each minute , each second of his/her life was.. everyday, i think of my departure date as my “last day” and that i have to accomplish as much as i can before that day ever comes..

last day

truth is we never know when our last day on earth will be. i think i ought to say everyday “ONE DAY TO GO”… or better, “THIS IS THE DAY”… well, i think when my time has come that i will be called home, i am sure i am so ready, “finished or unfinished, pass your papers” as my teacher would announce during quizzes.. my life is secured in knowing God and He has led me to preparing myself to meet HIM soon… 🙂


how about you? have you thought of how to spend your days? did you ever think of preparing yourself to that BIG day when God calls you home? try connecting with Him, i am sure you’ll be counting down your days everyday to be with Him!!  To God be all Glory!!

8 months to go til Christmas…
38 days to go til i fly back to B.C…
28 days to go til my NatGeo Earth Day run…
3 days to go til my Lenten Retreat…
1 day to go, it’s APRIL!!

“So teach us to number our days that we may get a heart of wisdom.” ~Psalm 90-12



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