less talking, more praying…

attended church service this morning, after missing three Sundays of service, am i glad to have been able to go today with Dersky.

we sang a beautiful praise music called “Mighty to Save”, lyrics said, “Saviour, He can move the mountains, my God is Mighty to Save, He is Mighty to Save.”


if you are in a situation where you think you do not know what to do, remember God can move mountains.  meaning, anything we ask of Him, He can always do… guaranteed!

right now, i don’t know what to do with a small family situation where although i am not directly involved but am greatly affected because i love my family.. i tried to give my unsolicited advice, but i also cannot solve other people’s problems… singing this song this morning, it reminded me to surrender everything to Him.. He is the mountain mover….. now i will talk less to avoid conflict, better to just pray more and let Him handle it… it’s out of my hands… it’s in God’s hands… He is mighty to save us from troubles…

Psalms 50:15 – And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.



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