in God’s appointed time…


God's time

lately, i have been involved in “near misses” that could be reasons to feel rueful, but thanks to my new “motto” that i am able to overcome the feeling of regret, which is the cousin of worry actually…

but first let me explain, worry is something you think about BEFORE something even happens,,, while her cousin, regret, is that which happens AFTER something has been done/occurred or something you failed to do…  regret is not a good feeling because it stops us from moving on, always thinking of ‘i shoulda, i coulda’, but it’s too late to change anything.. so you just mope and regret and regret… and nothing good is happening..

you know what, my new motto is.. “everything is in God’s appointed time”… i believe nothing is ever too late. everything that happened happened because God planned it to happen… good or bad there is always a reason…

you end up taking up the wrong college degree and you regret it? don’t,,, God intentionally has a purpose for that..

you didn’t marry the one you thought was right for you? don’t regret it… God already knew who to send for you, if there is someone He things is right…..

you missed taking the earlier flight to join a family get together? don’t be sad about it.. there is a good reason for it..

in short.. do not feel bad about something you so want to happen but didn’t… or the other way around, something you did but think you should not have… i have made too many bad decisions in life that more often i have had regrets…  fortunately, they were easy for me to overcome because God has taught me that “His plans are better than my plans, His ways are higher than my ways” ~Isaian 55:9 therefore, i truly believe that every day, every second of my life is happening as it is planned by God. why worry then? or why regret if we know He knows what’s going on?

do you feel regretful for something? no, don’t be, it is all part of God’s perfect plan.. you’ll see, just be prayerful and patient and of course, there should be complete reliance on Him… i am definite there will be more joy in your life! keep smiling 🙂 no regrets… move on.. move on… 



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