bringing home the sunshine…

i ended my 3 week vacation just in time before the storm hit Northern California last Wednesday. though my flight was delayed for 5 hours due to impending strong winds, i was glad to be back home in B.C. with my Dersky.

before the storm, it was mostly sunny in California, yes it rained on some days, which they direly need as they have been having drought for a long time, but after the rain, there was glorious sunshine again. a friend asked me if i have brought wintry weather from B.C., i said, no,, i will be bringing home the sunshine from California.. you see not only it rains in Vancouver, hence earning her nickname “Raincouver”, it is also waaaay too cold.. not complaining though, i know it’s much worse in the east, so, i’ll be happy with what we have here…

my stay with my beloved sisters and brother was a very joyful and heartwarming one, just like the sunshine that greets me each morning…. being able to celebrate Thanksgiving with them, having spent time with my dearest Teresa, (my special needs niece) who is growing to be beautiful, and heavy…

and also the highlight of my trip was joining my sister-in-law, Shirley’s Labor of Love – Feed the Homeless ministry. I will be blogging in detail about this to post here and on their site, watch out for it.


i divided my days among my three siblings, a week with each of them more or less.. i miss them so much that i wish they were just living next to my house.. but life is such, we each have our own destinies God perfectly planned and so be it..

soon it will be Christmas, and it is one of those occasions when we reminisce about the happy pasts… especially those spent while we were growing up under one roof, where Mama used to prepare our Noche Buena (Christmas Eve feasts) of pork BBQ and hot macaroni soup and ham sandwiches, the wafting aroma of halaya (purple yam jam)….. yum yum… sigh! these memories bring the sunshine into my heart in this wintry weather, and i feel JOY!!

Have a Blessed Christmas and may you experience the warmth of this season with your loved ones and of course, with the presence of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, to Him be all Glory!  IMG_5642



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