what are you thankful for?


we celebrated our Canadian thanksgiving last October 13, but, i am in “mostly” sunny California now to spend American thanksgiving with my family, see my niece, Therese again, and enjoy the subtler weather since temperature is dropping in B.C. not to mention the rain… but, hey it’s thanksgiving, let’s see what we should be thankful for.

Sunday morning, i was able to join the service at my sister’s family church here in Prunedale, California, the Grace Community Church, and we had our thanksgiving dinner right after service. before we started with the buffet, Pastor gave us a few minutes to mingle with guests we were sitting with at each table by asking each one what are the things we are thankful for and why. so, usual replies were of course, firstly, thankful for FAMILY, and next was good health. Pastor shared the following (and i added some more) that probably will not make it in our list of things to be thankful for:

>taxes that we pay – it means we have our jobs
>weight gain, shrinking clothes – means we have food on the table
>dusts around the house to clean – means we have our own homes to stay safe
>weeds in the yard – we have our backyard to plant flowers and smell the roses
>flat tire to change – we have the luxury to drive a car
>church mate who sings off key – well, be glad we still have our sense of hearing

me n tiris for me,, i am thankful for having a special needs niece touch my life, for without her, i will never have  the compassion for children with learning disabilities, or mentally challenged like my Therese,  i will  never learn much about epilepsy and seizures, and thus make me understand more about their pain…


all in all, it is just being thankful not only for the good things that we enjoy in life but also for the little (or big) hassles we meet along the way, because God uses these to build up our character, and therefore, we have to be thankful for everything, good or bad.

so, are you thankful for your leaking faucet? of course! it means you have water to stay clean and get nourished… but better fix that, we don’t want to waste water especially in drought stricken California..




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