losing and gaining….

uh oh,,, is it September 06th already????

last February, my high school batchmates launched the biggest loser challenge, i wrote all about it here, so every 6th of the month thereon, we would do weigh-ins for the 12 participants who joined (including yours truly) and our final weighing in is planned to happen before the year ends, probably in December before the Christmas season (to avoid the weight gain from Christmas dinners,,, he he)..

they unofficially called me “COACH LUGS” to monitor each one’s progress (or regress huhu) and supposedly to motivate them by sharing work out routines or whatever is there to push them. sad to say, i don’t think i kept up with my role as their “Coach” 😦 i myself gained and am struggling too to keep those extra pounds off.



monthly, i see some of them gained, some lost weight. they say once you’ve reached the golden age, metabolism is slower so it takes more than hard work to really burn those “calorific” intakes..

today is weighing in day once again. (it’s 6th in North America, but already the 7th back home in Asia).. they haven’t heard from their beloved “Coach”… it kinda slipped my mind and really, i stayed off my weighing scale for a while.. they make me cry huhuhu… this is the only gain i do not welcome in my life..

recently, i lost a friendship. how hard was it? well, i honestly felt sad for the falling out, though it was a very short lived friendship, but come to think of it, we two were a mixture of oil and water, fire and ice, that it was bound to happen. i never knew what the reason was but, i am on the guilty side because i complained a lot about her to another friend,,, so, maybe the vibes were so strong that she knew about it…

what did i gain from this loss? i gained wisdom. i think it was God’s main purpose, that now, i try to be MORE CAREFUL with my words, making sure i don’t hurt anyone, and if i do, i am no angel, God forgives, i try better the next time. i never heard from her since, but, it’s okay, i am at peace now with myself and happy i learned my big lesson the painful way…

so there, losing and gaining,,  both can bring you joy or disappointment, but the kind of gain or loss we should be thankful about is that which can make us be a better person, both inside and on the outside, and pleasing to God, that will make us the winner…  what have you gained or lost  in your recent life experiences?

er… excuse me,, back to my weighing scale….. hmmm….

“We all stumble in many ways. If anyone is never at fault in what he says, he is a perfect man, able to keep his whole body in check.” ~James 3:2



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