“Summer” nice.. “Summer” not..



i am back, after two months of hiatus, thank God everything is going on right, but, of course, these past two months were an olio of some nice, some not so nice events for me, hence, “summer” nice,, “summer” not.. (pun intended)

first off, having lived most of my entire life in a tropical country, i am used to having looong hot and humid weather, so i am just left hanging when i am already complacent with summer and it seems like Autumn is slowly moving in,, summer’s too short 😦 …this is not nice.

onset of summer i had fun visiting my family in the states, celebrated my 50th birthday in Vegas, joined the party for my beloved special niece’s 16th birthday. 🙂  … this is nice.

i had a falling out with a friend of three years, (i would like to write a blog about this life experience in the future). it was all my fault or so it seems, i was unkind and insensitive. i prayed hard for God to forgive me, and i did send her my apologies, no reply,, 😦 …this is not nice.

my former boss phoned me and offered me a three month job! i wa$ happy to have accepted it, good thing my mind ha$ been refre$hed about what my job wa$ there before, $o now i can $ave $ome more ca$h for my upcoming trip to A$ia…:) 🙂 … this is verrrry nice!

about my running? since i did my 3rd half marathon run last May, i have not set any goals to join a race, also, i still have my heel pains, which i think would never go away… 😦 … this is so not nice… though i still run short distances on weekends, i’ve said it before, i’ll say it again, i cannot see myself not running, as long as i still can…

so, life goes on and on,, summer, fall, winter, spring, everything goes ’round and ’round, at times we’re up, some times we’re down.. but what joy it is to know that we are standing on solid ground, with God on our side, yah?  what ground are you standing on? 

good day to all of you..

“And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope…” ~Romans 5:3-4


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