ONCE AGAIN… it’s my birthday month… and not just another birthday… i am turning “five-oh” in less than a month!!!


i have been thinking of blogging about my own timeline, but you see, i am a ‘plane jane’.. nothing spectacular i did in all of 50 years that needs to be written about… in my journal though, i wrote down experiences i remember clearly from the day i was born to the present, the highs and lows i went through, and tallied everything…. the good news is… my highs surpassed my lows 🙂


school photos i got from friends, losing everything in the terrible flood

i have nothing much to share with you except that, in the beginning of this year, i have said that 2014 will be my year of joy.. yes, it has been a joyful 5 months so far, not that everything came up roses, just right, and “livable” for that matter.. and there’s more to come.. traveling to see my siblings in California for the first time next week, celebrating my beloved niece’s 16th birthday, (Teresa) whom i have not seen for 6 years, and of course, my birthday lunch with my family and so on…

for everything, i thank who else,, but our great CREATOR… for creating me,, that i had a normal childhood, that i am able to rise up from my lowest days of my life, and that i am not perfect but the LORD gives me peace and joy in most circumstances..

i pray that i am able to encourage you by knowing a little about me, how God makes me see all the goodness He does for my life, despite the tears, mine may not be as dire as what you have gone through but know that God is the only one who can turn our pain to gain… 

so… CHEERS!! to my fiftieth, and more to come… 🙂

Washington State



4 thoughts on “cheers!!!

  1. Happy happy five-0h birthday to you my dearest friend !!! Join the club !! It’s been great so far !

  2. Thank you Allyn,, i join you into the next chapters of our story book of challenging,,, sometimes confusing but always exciting lives.. 3 cheers!! 🙂

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