the day after…

it is finally over!!

the only unwelcoming difference from the scenes posted on the BMO RunVan sites was the absence of the sunshine… 😦

rain rain go away
rain rain go away

it was a rainy event. i had on, the BMO bright yellow tech shirt, on top of another dri-fit shirt, on top of a long sleeved run shirt, and my favorite pink cap, and wore my capri running pants. running shoes was not rain proof so,, i got them wet, socks and all… weather was light rain, i.e. more than a drizzle but less than a rain but run under it for 2 hours will leave one soaking wet in the end.. temp was cold 9 to 10 degrees, overcast day… we didnt have a big garbage bag to use as “ponchos” so i said, que sera sera, there’ll be thousands others running in the rain anyways.. it’ll be fun!

so we were given a pair of running gloves which i decided to wear around the 16th km mark when my fingers were going stiff frozen from the cold brrrrrrr… i was trying to snap some photos but i couldn’t even press the button of my phone ha ha…

i promised myself i will follow the 2:15 pace bunny unlike last year when i was overconfident and thought i can do it myself.. but from the pink corral where i was, i didn’t or couldn’t see the pace bunnies, not until we reached the 13th km mark, on a turn around route did i see her on the opposite side ahead of me, a distance gap of prob’ly a kilometre???? from there, i knew i may not be able to beat my targeted 2:15 finish.. okay, so i thought, if i cant beat it, at least i should do better than my previous times…


guess what… i didn’t beat my time, but only for a second ha ha… in 2012 i finished 2:26:11, my PR so far,, yesterday, basing on my chip time, i finished 2:26:12… it’s okay i crossed the finish line with a big smile… happy happy…

here are some highlights of my run yesterday, taken under the rain…

as i crossed the start line yesterday, i can’t help but feel grateful thinking i am so blessed with so much in life, and that i tread along the streets of Vancouver running a half marathon race, which i never had the chance to do in Manila, Philippines… i thought this would not be possible if God have not sent me a beautiful being, whom He named Evelyn.. or Blynn, my self created nickname for her… 🙂 she is the “Allyn” counterpart for me here in Canada… apparently God takes care of me… Blynn was my running buddy since i moved here to Canada and for that, i am so fortunate having known her. she almost beat her dream of a sub 5 hours for her full marathon finishing 4 minutes longer.. so proud of her… way to go, Blynn and thank YOU!!

bonding times with Blynn:

what’s next for me? sure will still keep on running, race or no race… but won’t think about that for now,, my next project is my first major trip to the U.S. to reunite with my family.. it’s happening soon… 2014,, indeed, my year of JOY..   i love you dear Lord Jesus.. 🙂

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.” ~James 1-17



2 thoughts on “the day after…

  1. FANTASTIC! And I bet if it wasn’t raining, you EASILY would have been last year’s time. Rain slows us down considerably! Great job.

  2. thanks! you think so? maybe i am really slow 😦 try and try again.. 🙂 i didnt hear about your run how was it.. hmmmm?

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