may the 4th be with Allyn…

well, nothing to do with Star Wars’ saga.. but May 4th is RunVan and is eleven days away… same as last year, i am so excited.


it will be a special day, i am dedicating my half marathon run to my running mentor, my friend, my coach, Allyn, aka OWL-lyn.. OWL-lyn because many times i catch her deep in the night in the Far East, chatting with our group viber members here in the North Americas, when we are just about to start our day, she’s a night owl… and May the 4th happens to be her golden birthday!

allyn hkg

in my early days of learning to be a runner, she supported me many times, ran with me in countless 5 kms races, despite that she is already a full marathoner, ran with me on my first 10km run as my photographer to document every step i made, i experienced my first trail run at Timberland Heights, though not with her as she did 10kms, i did 5 kms, but she got the race kit for me.. and the rest is history… (er,, i think i have blogged about this a few times)…

she claims she doesn’t run as often as she did, family responsibilities and a new job got in the way… so, ahem, i do the running for her. but i do hope she can still fulfill her dream of running an ultramarathon, i will definitely cheer for her.

this is supposed to be my final week of my 16 week train plan.. but, i chose to do cross-training and maybe do one 10km run on Saturday, and two more short runs next week, then shake out time. ok, i know it’s only half marathon, like, it’s not going to be as grueling as a 42km run.. but let’s just say, i want to feel like i’m a full marathoner he he.. just let me be.. give the “old” lady a break.. 🙂

Allyn, my dear friend, i’ll greet you on your birthday, watch out for my surprise!!

tech shirt

2014 Tech shirt and 21.1 km medal

“A friend loveth at all times; And a brother is born for adversity.” ~Proverbs 17:17

Lugs 🙂


One thought on “may the 4th be with Allyn…

  1. thank you so much for your gift of friendship… thank you for this article. Love and miss you !

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