the “good” in Good Friday…

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it was the day He was nailed on a tree, do we say Happy Good Friday on a Good Friday?? 

i remember my childhood in the Philippines, which is predominantly a Catholic country, all radio and tv stations go off the air at 3 p.m. on Good Friday, the hour when Jesus Christ breathed His last breath,, no tv programs, all you see are grey static screens, to be back on the air on Easter Sunday.. no boisterous laughter allowed, and we were not to take a shower even, not until the resurrection Sunday. those were what we believed we should be observing during Holy Week. There were no commercial establishments open, you’ll be lucky to find one open on a Good Friday. our eldest brother, who had serious drinking problem, was into flagellation as his act of penance… it did not save him though.. he died of cirrhosis of the liver many years later.

some things changed as i grew up, in my teens, it was vacation time during Holy Week.. we traveled out of the metropolis to go on a 3 or 4 day stay at the beach, or a few times, we would travel abroad, usually leave on Wednesday afternoons and back Sunday mornings. still, we observed Good Friday, wherever we may be, at the beach or at the hotel, at 12 noon on Good Fridays, my mom will be praying silently in one corner…

it was not until i accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior did i understand the real meaning of Good Friday. not taking a shower, or shutting off any entertainments or no amount of hurting myself and shedding my own blood or any acts of penance will ever cleanse me from my own sin.. His crucifixion was the only thing that did that, He was the only ransom paid for my sins. it is not about what i have given up, but what HE DID for me…  then, it is up to me to accept the offer of redemption and live my life according to what is right and pleasing to Him.

without Good Fridays, there will be no renewals, without Good Fridays, there will be no second chances, without Good Fridays, there will be no resurrection, and we will never know that we have a LIVING GOD.. not a dead God…

that’s the good in Good Fridays,, it is the HOPE for those who have been lost, a gift from God to us to set us free from bondage of sin…  have you accepted this precious gift?  if not, maybe this is a good day to do so.. 

Happy Good Friday! 🙂



3 thoughts on “the “good” in Good Friday…

  1. please take your showers !!! ahhaahaha.. .kidding aside, that’s why it is called “good” Friday. It is for our good.

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