second chances….

it’s my 13th week of 16-week train plan for a half marathon.. 33 days to go…

last Saturday, i was happy to do long run with my run buddy, Blynn. we were supposed to finish 16kms per my run training schedule for my 12th week. before we met up, it was raining but it did not dampen our spirits, which was good because as we hit the road… the sun just came peeping from the clouds..

our starting point was already from the elevated area, so it was definite that we will be treading this “up-hell” route on our way back.. it was not a good idea, for me, i.e. because by 13th / 14th km mark, i was so exhausted, almost hitting the wall kind of thing, but i wouldn’t call it that, it’s so embarrassing, i felt i wanted to walk through the last 2 kilometers, feeling sore here and there… all in the mind i know. since Blynn was almost a kilometer ahead of me, i decided to just freeze my Runkeeper and complete my run at 13.61 kms. short of a measly 2.4 kms to complete the run… not good! i think i am low on carbs intake, trying to lose weight but this is what happens, my body is confused as i am ha ha..

run maps - Copy

so, today, seeing the sun was so up, i can even wear lighter gear (capri running pants) and no rain gears, i decided to run 10 kms instead of just 6.5 per my 13th week run sched. i had a very disappointing run last Saturday that i thought i needed to go back to that route, but this time, my starting point was the opposite, from lower elevation, then up the Queensborough Bridge (the ‘up-hell’) then back to my homebase.. i think it’s better to start with the difficult part then end with the easy part, than doing it the other way around.

i am happy with my finish. it upped my confidence level once again, since i only have a month to go to really see how i will fare this time. this is going to be my third half marathon only, it’s nothing compared with my peers who ran countless full marathons and still going great,, but still, i am excited and can’t wait for the results.

life is all about second chances,,, if at first we don’t succeed, we have to try again. if we fail the first time, try doing better the second time,  it is always worse giving up without even trying, don’t you think so?


i give up easily sometimes, i am not perfect,  i hurt others, or others may hurt me,  but you know what, my faith gives me second chances and pushes me to just keep going on and to always remember that God is with me all the way and all the time as i run in my race of life, He never gives up on me when others may do. Thank You Dear God, and i give You back all the Glory and Praises…

“…that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” ~ Philippians 1:6



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