are you alone?

i’m on week 11 of 16 weeks training plan for half marathon in May…. yaiks,,, 48 days to go..

so far, it’s been good. but due to rains the past few days, i am not able to follow my run sched, feeling a little bit behind, but it’s okay, i gave my foot a needed rest…

back home in Manila, the Team MSP Runners group (Marikina Sports Park) of which i am a member in absentia, is enjoying their weekly LSD’s (Long slow distance runs) it’s the onset of summertime, less rain and more sunshine… i didn’t have the chance to join them in road runs while i was vacationing there, but sure did enjoy the camaraderie and fun running alongside my group at the oval. i super miss them…

msp runners
photos courtesy of Ms. Teresa Delos Reyes and Francis Sumaylo of MSP Runners Club

over here, i run alone… i enjoy it sometimes, with my run music and running at my own pace. however, i am sure i will be more encouraged if i run with a friend or a group. i wanted to join a run clinic but their schedule just didn’t fit into mine.. my one and only run buddy here is training for a full marathon and has a different program.. as for my dear husband, he is so not into running, call it my fate..

as a runner, do you prefer running alone or with a run group/buddy?

in life, how do you handle being alone? do you still experience peace and joy in solitude? or do you allow the emotion we normally face when alone, get the better of you?

it’s a choice, either you choose to take the path to joyfulness because that is where God wants us to be, or turn the other way and succumb to dejection… in times of aloneness, remember you are never totally alone,, God is with you all the time so there is no reason to feel abandoned, even if all else has turned their backs on you…. He will always be there…. be blessed! 🙂

Psalm 23:4 “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”



2 thoughts on “are you alone?

  1. Great to hear that your training is going well!! I like the solitude of running alone for any runs under an hour. After that, I need the group runs and the people around me to keep me from running home before the scheduled miles are over! 🙂

  2. you’re right, i try to avoid running anywhere near my house not until i finish my scheduled distance, it tempts me to go home sooner haha.. i am surviving… 🙂 thanks for dropping by…

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