healing my heel…

it’s week 7 of 16 week training for half marathon. 72 days to go.

race goal

last boxing day (December 26th), i bought two pairs running shoes from Adidas outlet store (everything was 50%). one was Kanadia tr 5 GTX for trail running and the other was Lite pacer women’s. i have been experiencing slight heel pains late last year, i suspect it was a worn out running shoes so it was about time i bought a new pair.


trail running shoes is bit heavier but it gives me comfort and stability. the second pair is sooo light, that i can’t wait to run with it. since January when i began my 16 week train plan, i only tried the Lite pacer once, and sad to say, it hurt the ball of my foot. so i have been running with the trail shoes.

luckily, i got myself a good pair of orthotic insoles (store bought), triple-zone protection they called it (for the forefoot, arch, and heel support)…. guess what happens? i never thought i can reach my race pace without feeling exhausted really! i was so thrilled!! but downside of it.. the heel pain kinda persisted.

mon wed run

i have read about P.F. (Plantar Fasciitis) and i think what i am having is not it, fingers crossed. like right now, i feel okay, as if nothing is going on. but of course i cannot be so sure that it won’t lead to that, or any other heel/foot injury. I HOPE NOT!!! i had better start preventive measures rather than aggravate it and that would be really sad news. you know me, i believe in our bodies’ capacity to self heal, as long as we do what we ought to do with it.

if you visit our small apartment, you will find golf balls under my worktable, they are my best ball-friends from my golfer friend, Phil, he he,, i use them after every run, or even as i type my blog,, for my foot massage, and it feels so good. it was also my therapy for my frozen shoulder. i place the ball under my left shoulder blades while lying on my firm bed and to knead, i rotate my arm and adjust where it gives me a good massage and it works really well! plus of course with icing and stretching for my foot and the heat pad for my now almost cured frozen shoulder :)…

so now, the question is, how much should i run with this pain or should i just continue with the icing and the stretching and golf balling?? i plan to run my long run this weekend, then i will decide from there. if it will be necessary for me to rest from running for a while, i will.

Also, i would keep in mind what my friend, Allyn told me this morning, ‘go for support shoe than light shoe’, that was a good advice. thank you my dear friend.

let you know what happens next. will my heel heal?

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” ~Philippians 4:13 (Thank You, Lord,,, )



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