on friendships and motivation…

hey hey hey.. i am so excited..

my High School Batch (1981) launched a challenge, we are calling it ICA Batch ’81 Biggest Loser Challenge (ICA – Immaculate Conception Academy) we have participants already signed up and submitted their vital measurements,,, (i actually joined too to motivate myself to lose weight and be more fit). i act as the weight tracker. they will submit to me their monthly progress and i will be monitoring who has the highest percentage of weight loss.


it will be a self-administered programme, meaning, it’s not the same as with what we see on TV shows where there will be personal trainers to push the participants, unless they do get someone to help them it’s one’s prerogative really. there’s a doctor in the batch who also prepared diet plans for them. then it will be up to the participants to do what they can to achieve their goal in weight loss.

now since we are all over the world, i mean, a lot of my batchmates are still home based in the Philippines, some are settled in the States, some here in Canada, others in some parts of Europe and Australia, and even China, the only way we keep in touch is through the VIBER app. thank God for technology. through viber we can boost each others’ morale, encourage each one to keep healthy, motivate the participants and follow up on how they are doing. it’s really fun!

final weighing in will be by the end of this year, when i also intend to go home and join the annual reunion.

they said the hardest part is walking out the front door. it is an important decision to think about our health.. especially most of us are turning golden gals this year :)… i for one, always struggle in my run schedules, especially here in very cold country. it was always,, “i’ll run tomorrow, it’s raining or it’s too cold today”.. or “i’ll run later, it’s almost lunch”… then when i go run.. “i’ll do 10 kms. today,, oh no,, just 8,, er,, maybe 6″ and sometimes end up running 5kms only..” not good, ha ha..


well, at least i already did walk out the front door, didn’t i? at the end of the day, i always feel glad that i did. and with my batchmates around, though only virtually, i get the motivation that i needed,, and hoping, too, that i will be an inspiration to them.

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:11



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