pluses of running…

i am aiming to get a sub 2:15 finish for my third attempt to run the half in May, which means my average pace should at least be 6:23 minutes/km (10.18 min/mile).  this was my plan too last year hahaha  but i finished even slower than my very first run in 2012.

i always want to fast track things because i want results right away.  that’s why instant coffee, instant noodles, instant everything were invented, those are for people like me.   but just like in running, i will need two P’s, PERSEVERANCE and PATIENCE to get there. 

P & P

to have Perseverance one needs Patience and Patience is developed in Perseverance.  (you have to pause there to really absorb it…) sounds easy no? wait ’til they both be more complicated if i have dashes of two D’s, Discipline and Discouragement. 

i have not achieved that pace yet in my practice runs, it was never faster than 6:30~6:50 which is my average  most of the time.  i am taking my time (PATIENCE)  and not losing hope (DISCOURAGEMENT)  i still have lots of time to practice (PERSEVERANCE)… and to lose some weight hopefully (DISCIPLINE).  it’s good thing Richmond weather has been behaving well the past week, so i have no reason not to lace up and go out for a run.  but i do enjoy it really.

all this i keep in mind, not only when running.  in my everyday affairs, i need to watch out for discouragements and the discipline i need. and it is fine to set a goal for myself, i will always turn out a winner whatever the outcome is, and that is because, i know will have developed not only my 2 P’s, but also, O’s, J’s, L’s, C’s, H’s……  (Optimism, Joy, Love, Contentment, Hope), and of course,, P’s… (PEACE) in my heart 🙂

finally, let me share a video from my favorite site,, simply created but so positive…  


Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.” ~James 1:12




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