to be goal focused…

according to the weather channel, this week’s weather will be rain, rain and more rain until Sunday. since i have already set my 16-week train plan for my half marathon run on May 4th, i must consider these rainy days that may hamper my plan. so, do i not run on rainy days or do what other “passionate” runners do, run in rain, sun, sleet or snow?


my first train day (January 05 – on a Monday) guess what, it was frosty and icy all over and the weather was negative 3 (thank God we have better weather than the east coast but, my heart goes to those experiencing worst weather)… i did 5 kms easy run and the rest is,,, just wonderful. for the next two training days, i.e. Wednesday and Friday, it was raining but nothing deterred me from running.


i got my train plan from Runkeeper app. and in between run days, i do my core and cardio workouts and found this on youtube:

the routine is very kind to my shoulders and for someone my age, it’s a thumbs up. i attempted to do vinyasa last Thursday, well, i survived it but doing planks or downward dogs still put strain on my good shoulder as i have to go easy on my healing “frozen” left shoulder, but definitely can’t do eagle pose (OUCHY!!!) hu hu…

today’s run schedule will be skipped due to more rain, will try my luck tomorrow.

how about you? how do you keep up with your run goals? it’s easy to say “not today” but i think it is worse to say “i should have…”

enjoy your workouts! and lastly, here’s something to inspire you to push on…

Hebrews 12:11 For the moment all discipline seems painful rather than pleasant, but later it yields the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.



3 thoughts on “to be goal focused…

  1. I also thought that (same race day last year) but thought, “I must be losing my mind, there is no way we could have the same race two years in a row.” so I didn’t say anything. Haha.

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