2014 my year of JOY….

hello hello…

it’s been more than 2 months since my last post except for my very brief Christmas wishes to all.

well, i have written a post previously about my going back to work last September. i missed to mention that my work was for a short term temp position, which i completed last December 31. i think i did fairly well, so happy that God gave me the opportunity to learn new things, meet new friends and of course, earn some good money $ $ $ $…


entering the year 2014 is a reminder that i am turning 50 very very soon. i cannot make plans as yet whether to celebrate this “milestone” here in Richmond, now my new home, my home for now, or in Manila, where my heart and all my friends really are. at this point i can only dream about a birthday bash but only God can give the approval, where and how…

in the meantime, i will do my best to be joyful from each waking morning 🙂 because my life is God’s greatest gift to me that i want it to be spent each day thanking Him and counting all the blessings He gives me.

as for my running, yes, i signed up for my third half marathon event, on May 04th, with RunVan (BMO Vancouver Marathon). so i can get busy with my training and getting back in shape…


lastly and the best news is.. my frozen shoulder has healed, not totally but i have started doing my core workouts which was difficult for me to do during the onset of my condition, and, i can now pony tail my hair haha and wear my shirt the “normal” way… pain at this point is like 10% if abused a little bit. having this condition is a reality check that yes, i am not the same agile, supple, “young” person that i used to be.. but it’s okay, nothing to complain… life is still gooooood….

so there. for now, i am back to being a stay at home wife, learning  new recipes, keeping the house clean, taking care of Dersky, writing blogs, and thanking  God for my everyday.. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! 🙂

be joyful always



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