is your future foggy?

Vancouver weather has been foggy for a week now..


every morning, around 7 a.m.  i  walk half a mile to the bus stand, all i see is fog all around, it is eerie with nary a soul in sight.   only the streetlights keep me company and make me feel safe.   in the bus on my way to work, the strawberry fields are almost blanketed with white clouds, visibility is just few meters far..  it is my first time to experience foggy weather that stayed for a week..  


on my way home the other day,  there was the bridge where i could not see the other end that made me think, it is a depiction of our lives, where we are unsure of what is to come… will there be safe landing at the end of the bridge? will it end where we expect it to end?   is this even the right way? should we go or turn back?

thank God the sun came out this morning when i did my Saturday 10km run.  you see, as they say,, it doesn’t rain everyday,, or it doesn’t fog every day he he.

much like our future, it may seem so bleak, but hang in there, it will all clear up.  just keep the FAITH!! 🙂





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