20 years of bliss and blister….

20 years ago today, October 10, my Dersky and i entered a whole new world of togetherness and briefly i would like to share my heart to you….

BLISS… though not always perfect, ours is a life of wedded bliss. one reason is, there’s just the two of us which makes life less complicated unlike when adding one or two members in the family, where relationships amongst each other create a weblike pattern, that if mishandled, may get entangled in a haywire mess… but, with only the two of us, it’s just him or me, it’s this or that, and no more “the other ones”.. really simple.

BLISTER… as we all have experienced, it is caused by friction and yes, we’ve had those. EVERY marriage does, i believe so. sometimes, like blisters, we are not aware that we’re already hurting until the wound becomes deeper. then it’s the time we do something to heal it..

GOD has always been our balm. i remember it was when i was far away from Him that i was the most vindictive, why? there was nothing much in our marriage, no kids, it was just, again, him and me, no one else around and add the fact that we have different personalities. but since He planned for this marriage, He never allowed us to drift apart. like the soothing balm, God healed our hurts and pains, made sure we both remember our vows and to keep it until such time He will finally call us home….

then and now

Happy Anniversary Dersky! and to all who celebrate theirs, May God be with you and bless your marriage as well, as He did ours!

“And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.” ~Colossians 3:14



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