no more resistance…

the entire year is passing by too quickly that pretty soon, not only leaves begin to fall, but temperatures are a-dropping, winter slowly creeping in. i remember last year we moved here in our new suite in September complaining how unkempt it was when we moved in, etc etc. now we renewed our lease for another year. truly one will never know where God would want us to be unless we abide by His plans without resisting.

i, for one, have resisted many times His wonderful plans for me that in the end, i had no choice but to relent, after wasting too much precious time. i had job offers, opportunities knocked on my doors not once not twice but many times, i went to job interviews just because, but with my lack of interest to work, it reflected in the way i handled them, poorly, i.e.

so, on Monday, finally, i will be going back to work on a job offer that just fell right in front of me. God had used a friend to inform me of an opening in their department. there were some requirements needed for me to accomplish to get this job, which at first, i felt, why bother do them? but then, i realized, here i am again, on a resistance mode… so, with prayers and calm heart, and being an obedient Christian, this time abiding by His plans for me, i did what i had to, and so, i got the job! now i can’t wait for Monday….

we all encounter sudden changes in life, things that we do not expect to happen happen, and many times we do not like this feeling. however, it is sometimes better to just accept these changes without any resistance… when we swim against the tide, it gets us nowhere. better to just keep calm, wait on the Lord and definitely He will reveal what His wonderful plans are, and for us without heaviness in our hearts, everything will just slowly fall into place.. how awesome our God is, don’t you think so?

“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” ~Proverbs 16:9



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