conquering my pains…

i admit, it is still a struggle dealing with my shoulder pain.

ironically, for someone so impatient, this is the last thing i would ever want to have. i read somewhere that having frozen shoulder is “testing a patient’s patience”. it takes a looong time for this to heal, whether or not one goes through rehabilitation or medication procedure, it is expected to linger for 2 to 3 years.. however, there are those who healed easily, but, i don’t want to think about it, i just want to conquer it, and not dwell on it. (Read about Frozen Shoulders here)

i have learned to take off my t-shirt, (i have few button front shirts) my pants, or my sports bra after my runs, with just one arm, my good ol’ right arm. while my lazy arm (or my “spoiled” left arm) is just hanging there.. good thing i bought new pairs of brassieres that hook in front. when i shampoo, i can only scrub my head with my right hand, i try to reach with my left but it takes a lot of effort and a little pain. and you should see how i powder my right armpit with my bad left arm, since my left arm with the bad shoulder cant reach across , i sprinkle it, haha so half of the powder  will have fallen off before it reaches my armpit, then powdering my left armpit with my right arm, it’s okay, i can reach my left armpit all right, but i cannot “open wide” so,, same thing happens..

these are the basic things i needed to learn to get over with my condition. sometimes,  i have bouts of lows but then i try to snap out of it if i suddenly come to my senses. yesterday, i did nothing, no chores, not much cooking, i just zapped left overs in the microwave, didn’t even shower, (yes, that bad), my left shoulder was throbbing it goes down to my elbow, and was having neck pains too, i am not sure if it had anything to do with my shoulder but if it was because of my pillow, then it still is caused by it because sleeping is one agony for people with frozen shoulders. the shoulder gets so stiff that it aches all over. my heating pad is my best friend during these times. we all look forward to having a good night’s sleep, but with this condition, i’ve had disrupted sleeps and then i feel sluggish the entire day.

but, today is that day again that comes to me when i say, “wait a minute, this should not go on!!” (but it will happen again i’m sure)… i got up, had my quiet time, had my peanut butter sandwich,  took a long shower, and geared up to run! yes, i am going to go out and conquer my pain!!

saturday run

run i did and it was great, we had  a cloudy/sunny/cool day today, at almost noon time, i set off to run 10kms.  i ran at slow to moderate pace, just enjoyed my music and the weather, though there was a teeny bit of soreness due to cool wind blowing against my arm and goes right up to my shoulder but it was manageable… so happy i was able to overcome my bad mood, that i found myself whistling  the theme from “New York, New York”  as i took my really warm shower (for moist heating my shoulder) after my run.

so there, i thank God for keeping me safe, painful or pain-free. i know i am undergoing stress and bad mood but God understands. we all go through some kind of pain, emotional or physical.. how we manage it is what matters.. do we just let it rule over us or do we do something to conquer it? i’m sure you will hear of my pains again. but in time, i’m positive all this will go away…

Job 6:10″ This would be my comfort; I would even exult in pain unsparing, for I have not denied the words of the Holy One.”



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