Good Pagod!

Pagod = (pah-god’ as in short ‘o’) Philippine word for “tired”

i am feeling good pagod tonight (good exhaustion) … one thing that i was looking forward to about my trip here was running again with my Team Msp Runners (Marikina Sports Park), and this is happening as i expected.

MSP june 28 2013

Photo: courtesy of Ms. Tina Cunanan, Team MSP member, thank you, Ms. Tins..:)

despite that it is the start of our rainy months, this week has been good “running” weather condition for us that we get to meet every late afternoons at the track and do almost an hour’s run. i was able to join last Tuesday’s and yesterday’s run sessions, tonight’s weather forecast was that chances of rain is looming in the cloudy skies.. lo and behold, about 3 minutes into the run, it began to rain.. me and my running partner, Laila decided to just continue our run and finished almost 8kms in 50 minutes, at least that was what my runkeeper registered because the GPS may not be getting the correct log due to the cloudy weather. i was so in the mood to run, i loved running in the rain, i guess the drizzle boosted my energy, i have gotten used to running in winter and spring time.. running in the tropical weather really has become gruelling for me.

my haywired run route at the oval due to the rains..
my haywired run route at the oval due to the rains..

i was hoping to join the 16.8 km run with the Adidas King of the Road Philippines (July 7th), but blame my procrastination, was not able to register sooner 😦 and then comes the runfest for a half marathon (July 14th), i failed to register as well,, dang!!! soon i will be flying back to B.C. (husband went ahead, i begged for 3 more weeks extension) with no souvenir from home 😦 i guess it was not meant to be. (NOTE: TAKBO – “run” in Philippine language)

oh well, not that i am unproductive, i am well busy with things i needed to catch up with, since my stay here is for a limited time only, meeting friends, helping around the house, and i am happy anyway with my running round and round the oval with my team MSP like cute little hamsters in their cage he he. it is when i get tired but i call it a “good tired” thing that makes me feel good and joyful inside. thus i call it “good pagod” 🙂


at the end of the day, i lie down and think of what God has given me. sometimes, there are things i wish for but are not granted, and there are things i never asked for but were given to me… God indeed is a marvelous God, He always knows better… and for that, it is really really good to thank Him everyday.. God is simply Awesome! To Him Be All Glory!!

“…that I might sing praises to you and not be silent. O LORD my God, I will give you thanks forever!” ~Psalm 30:12



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