aging and aching…

i turned another year older a few days ago… i have expressed before that i welcome getting older, whether or not i have achieved my goals and dreams, i’m happy and okay, thank God for making me feel okay :). i danced the Zumba for the first time on my birthday 🙂


but the problem is, my body seems not to agree with my mind. maybe she knew i turned 49 that symptoms of arthritic pains or whatever you want to call them, are slowly creeping into my joints, particularly my shoulder and my hip.

i am suffering from frozen shoulder pain (left side) maybe about 2 months now, but prior to that, i was already feeling a bit of heaviness around the area and it is becoming worse the past weeks. this one, i know it was caused by one workout i did at home a few months back. at least i know where it came from.

and then, 2 days ago, i was sedentarily working when i felt pain in my butt area to my hamstring to my thigh (left side too). hmmm, trying to recall if i fell or hit on something, i cannot think of what may have caused this, i am blaming my birthday..

i have never visited any physio or chiro or acupuncturist. actually, i didn’t want to. i know it will heal by itself just like when i had groin pull years ago overdoing a yoga stretch (i often overdo things tsk tsk..) now it’s been healed and i am back to my vinyasa routine. but again, i guess with my shoulder pain, my downward dog will slow down for a while .. 😦

i still run regularly, though, thinking my shoulder doesn’t participate in the activity anyway, but a friend advised me that the pounding may not be so good on the shoulder. i can’t really know if it’s a sign that i should rest from running? but no, i can’t think of it. i promise i will take care of my shoulder by exercising it moderately, using heating pad, and then can i still run?

it is okay to enjoy what God has given me, but to abuse it maybe is not. one night when it was hard for me to sleep because i cannot find the right position when there was throbbing pain on shoulder and butt side, i silently prayed to God to take it away soon. i did not promise Him anything, i just asked to be healed.

so, my butt pain is almost gone, the shoulder pain is still there,   maybe God is teaching me patience, or making me realize my stubbornness or telling me to slow down..

in real life, i know i am and will always be responsible for my actions, therefore, put myself in trouble and suffer the consequences. at this point, as i turn a year older, i still pray to God to always guard me from doing things on my own will that may harm me and humble me to heed to what He wants for me, which i know will always be good.

James 1:22 ” Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”



2 thoughts on “aging and aching…

  1. Happy Birthday! Hope your aches and pains go away soon!

    P.S. Your dream where you thought about me when you saw someone jogging in jeans made my day. 🙂

  2. Thank you, Jill!! yes i am hoping for healing soon, it feels like i carry something heavy all the time 😦
    my dream,, it was one of those dreams like when you wake up and vaguely remember the exact story but kinda know it!!??!!!… he he..

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