bird brained…

photo (3)A woodpecker tapped with his beak against the stem of a tree just as lightning struck the tree and destroyed it. He flew away and  said, “I didn’t know there was so much power in my beak!” When we bring the gospel there is a danger that we will think or say, “I have done a good job.” Don’t be a silly woodpecker. Know where your strength comes from. It is only the Holy Spirit who can make a message good and fruitful.  ~Corrie Ten Boom 

i am quoting this reading from ‘EACH NEW DAY’, a 365-day reflection book my dear Pastor gifted me with, authored by Corrie Ten Boom.  (wikipedia)

i was a “silly woodpecker”, but it was not about gospel sharing or any works for the Lord.

these are my stories:  

Story 1: i took care of my special needs niece, Teresa, from when she was 2 til she turned 10. during those times, with her nanny, i would drive her daily to and from school, bring her to the doctor, bring her around for malling, etc. she is non-verbal and a limp girl (due to Rett Syndrome), at times i would carry her when she could not tackle a great deal of walking. people would ask me what her condition was, or i would tell them who she is, and why she is with me… often the response i would get was they are in awe of what i do for Teresa, my patience, my sacrifice, etc etc. i was grateful for that and it has come to a point where i’d think.. “hmmm, i’m good…” (read more about Therese: “happy birthday to my bebeto”)

with Tiris

Story 2: i was exposed by my dear mother to engage in real estate business when i was still very young.. again, at that time, i dealt with bank people, government inspectors, etc etc,, i heard the words like “you’re so young and already an achiever, etc etc..” and then,, i would think again.. “i’m really really good…”

but God loves me so much that i felt He wanted me to realize that no, it’s not you, it’s ME“…

He took Therese out of my life when she had to move to the U.S. with my sister…
the real estate business is struggling and i have asked God to manage it for me..

yes, i have forgotten Him many times.. but i have learned my lessons that now, in anything, and as much as i can, whether introducing someone to Christ or doing my daily chores from small ones to major ones, i will trust the Lord to do things for me. He is my mentor, my manager, my business partner, my BIG BOSS.. i am just His faithful follower.

do you think at one point in your life, you were a bird-brained person like me? let this verse be your reminder:

John 3:30 “He must become greater, I must become less”



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