stumbling blocks

this was the first message i read this morning when i opened my facebook page:


i was happy to know that my runner friend, Allyn, was able to do her much delayed long run, being a busy mother of four teen and tween-age boys, and attending to her tutees (she tutors) but was sad to hear about her fall.

recently, a runner from our running club had a nasty fall and gashed her brow that she needed stitches.. but still i saw her back on the road with the group.. i told Allyn, i hope it won’t stop her from running.

i run the same route most of my road runs, so i have memorized the pavements, the curbs, where to turn, what to avoid, i know where the bumps are, etc… but the unexpected can still happen. much more if my run will take place in a more unfamiliar area, i run more carefully and at the same time keeping up the pace plus minding where to land my foot next and looking ahead to the direction i am going, so it is kind of multitasking… but how is it that there are times, despite knowing the right thing to do, still things such as these happen? of course who would be happy to stumble and fall, right? no one.

much is the same with my daily spiritual journey. daily, i pray, i meditate on God’s words, so, i would think i am doing fine in the eyes of the Lord, but, one day, a sneer, an uninvited thought, a slip of the tongue ruins my attempt to live a life pleasing to God. these are my stumbling blocks… they cause me to fall and not only hurt myself but also the other party whom i did not really intend to hurt, it was all because of my carelessness and pride perhaps…

so how do i get rid of these stumbling blocks? i can’t. they will be there, whether i like it or not. if there are bumps on the road, uneven pavements, i have to watch out carefully, avoid those or be careless and allow myself to trip and fall. if ever i have fallen, there’s nothing else to do but get up, learn from it, and continue on, keeping in mind next time, this is where i failed.   so, i know i will run home not hurting myself or anyone else, and that is what pleases God the most.

what are the stumbling blocks in your life? how do you deal with them?  open your heart to God and tell Him these are what make you stumble, ask Him to help you rid of them and He will!




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