Monday morning, i got up early at 6:30 to catch the online live streaming of the BOSTON MARATHON happening on April 15th, but it seemed that the live coverage was blocked in British Columbia or probably i just missed finding the correct link for it so i went to turn the tv set on to see what’s been happening.. so far, it was still peaceful, the gunstart had already been fired, runners were off to run the anticipated race of their lives…

when my husband was home by noontime, he saw the headlines in the online news that said “Boston Marathon explosion” and he asked me what was it all about.. busy in my kitchen, i shrugged and told him, oh, perhaps they had a “BURSTING” of excitement because of the occasion… he said, “no, there WAS an explosion”

WHAAT??? I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT!!! it WAS a bomb explosion!! it was terrible and horrifying.

i put myself in that situation, one feeling elated over crossing the finish line, and everything that came with it, from the preparation, the excitement, the discussion among friends where to meet, where to celebrate, the image of my loved one smiling as he waited for me at the finish line, the looking forward to just having plain fun time, not thinking about any cares in the world just for one glorious, sunny day… and BOOM! it all changed… it was a sad day after all…

my prayers are for all, all innocent lives hurt by this condemnable thing, for families of those who lost their lives, for those merely watching, including myself, who in one way or another, have been hurt emotionally by this incident…. and to whoever thought of doing this heinous thing, you may not know this, but, God is just, He will pay back trouble to those who create trouble (2 Thessalonians 1:6). Peace unto the world.

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