3 years ago today…

i was surprised to receive an anniversary message from WORDPRESS, it was 3 years ago today when i opened up a small part of my world to you.


my intention at first was to share my run experiences since i got inspired by the many running blogs i came across with such as The Bull Runner & Running Diva to name a few of my favorites..



however, i do not have that much to share about running because i only have a fraction of what they do and what they already know. so, in the end, i prayed and asked how i can use my blog to share my faith as well,, and so here it is,, for the past 3 years and a few followers thereafter, i still am sharing my thoughts, and some of my “runscapades” with a touch of words from the bible to try to connect my blog with God’s words as inspiration for daily living..

so 3 cheers to myself, and to WordPress, thank you, as well as to my beloved bloggers, readers, those who stumbled upon my site.. thank you… here’s to longer relationship and more stories to tell.. To God be ALL GLORY!! 🙂

God bless and HAPPY EASTER!



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