silence please!!

i haven’t told you that the main reason we often changed addresses was because my husband, who works on graveyard shift, could not deal with the noise upstairs whenever he sleeps at daytime. either there are kids (grandkids) of landlords, or some kind of activity going on that would definitely disrupt his sleep. we prefer living in basement suites because, one, it’s more affordable, and two, we don’t want to be confined in a building if we choose to live in condos. 

okay so before we moved here, we asked the landlords if they have hyper active kids, or teens, or sometimes adults too, who might be running here and there. we were super glad to know that there are only 3 “quiet” adults living upstairs,,, and their pet doberman. okay, hmmm, we thought, dogs are, pets, and, they may be,, quiet or something like that.

little did we know, the thumping of doberman’s paws, could be worse than a toddler’s pair of tiny feet, here, there are 2 pairs, front legs and hind legs.. and at no time at all, meaning, the dog may be awake midnight, daytime, anytime…

it is so stressful to move, for us, that is. if you have no idea, i will tell you. since we migrated here almost 6 years ago, we already moved around 7 times.. of the 7 houses we moved into, 4 of those we had noise problems, 2 were with grandkids playing, 1 had kids of co-tenants (5 kids!!), and here, our dear “doberman-landlord”. each time that we moved, we packed, unpacked, relocated, re-arranged, and in each move, we had more and more clutter to handle, to dispose, to give away, to keep… whew!!!

finally, when our 6th month lease was up last end of February, we just got tired of moving that we decided to extend our stay here. we sort of solved the situation anyway by sleeping in the living room (this is a one-bedroom suite). that’s because, atop our bedroom is the landlord’s living and kitchen where the bustle of activities happen, not so much for the 3 adults, though, but for the dog..  and atop our living room is their bedroom.. there, so it’s quieter, so maybe they don’t let the dog in their bedroom,, thank God!!!

well, yes, there are times we look for our peace and quiet. i told my husband, if there’s nothing else we can do, except buying our very own house which we cannot afford for now, might as well try to submit to the situation, just be happy and thankful that we have a warm bed, hot cooked meal on the table… maybe God said, this is where I want you for now… and there’s a saying that, when your blanket is too small, learn to curl up under it… now that’s a better way to deal with the situation. and life goes on….



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