never perfect…

i have been trying to beat my average pace of 6.50-7.0 mins/km to finish a 5km run in half an hour. my usual finish time for a 5km run is often within 32 to 35 minutes. i know it is not a bad finish but still i hope i can do a sub 30-mins. then my next target is to finish a 10km run in an hour. hihi,, would that mean i have to shed off a few more pounds since i am a bit on the heavy side for my height? or, practice, practice, and more practice.

my train plan is to run 3 days a week and do core and cardio workouts in between plus some rest days. first 2 runs at 5 kilometers and my last run, on Saturdays usually, weekly increments of one or two kilometers until the 12th week, the race day. seems like a good plan. however, each time i attempt to beat my usual time for 5 kilometers, i always fail 😦 what is that 2 minute delay that keeps me from achieving it? hmph! i am getting frustrated..

2-16-13 RUN

this is a very nice uphill route, we did 2 loops, have to train more here..
this is a very nice uphill route, we did 2 loops, have to train more here..

well, i still have 9 weeks to improve my pace, maybe add one more running day in a week, whatever.  as long as i will be ready on race day, whether i beat my personal best or not, then i will be fine. 

have you attempted to do something but you don’t know what keeps you from achieving it?  i do, a lot of times.  i believe it is my impatience. actually there is nothing that slows it down nor blocks it, it is happening as it should be… but i want things to happen A.S.A.P. and that’s what puts me in trouble many many times.  so, i try as much as i can to just stay calm and wait…. run at my own pace, and one day, i will get to where i am supposed to be as planned for by God. 

“It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way..” Proverbs 19:2



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