it’s a mind over matter thing…

this was what i would hear my mentor, Allyn, often say to me,, “Luga, it’s a mind over matter thing, you can do this!”

when i was a newbie runner almost 5 years ago, i would run around the track once and that was it. i was still smoking then and was not so physically ready for the sport.. and practice makes perfect indeed, slowly i was able to pick up my pace and ran longer distance from 1 lap to 2 laps, then 3, until i was able to do 5 kms non-stop with my MSP runners team friends (Marikina Sports Park). thanks to all the encouragements and boosts i received from new found friends i met at the track who readily gave me tips and reminders to improve my running.

Allyn and luga

it took me 3 years before i decided to run my first 10km distance (my-weekend-of-firsts-part-2). perhaps i have forgotten what Allyn has been telling me, “it’s a mind over matter thing” that it took me that long to finally convince myself to go a little further than my usual 5 km runs. i was afraid i will not reach the finish line or was worried my knees will act up. but finish it i did with no problems.

now i am training for my second half marathon, sometimes still thinking, will i be able to finish it? of course! my mind tells me.. “remember, Luga, it’s a mind over matter thing.”

and this does not only work for my running. i believe our minds are trainable. thinking that things i do in my life will turn out okay will definitely make things easier to accept and lighter to bear. i convince myself that i can control things positively as long as i think just that, positively. okay so, sometimes it will not yield positive results, but hey, in my mind, there is something better.. so, it’s a mind over matter thing really. but wait, it doesn’t stop there,  want to know what is there in my mind that helps me make this work? it’s God’s words and His sufficient grace for me. 🙂 




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