i am a cracked pot!

i borrowed a book from our church library, “God Uses Cracked Pots” by Patsy Clairmont.

God uses cracked pots

this book is not only fun to read because i relate so much with the author’s experiences, many of them humorous, but also i love how she sees the Lord being present in all those little things that happen to her.
let me briefly share a story or two from the book.
“Lookin’ Good” (Chapter 2)…. she shares what happened on a beautiful, feel good and happy morning, when she dressed up and was on her way to do her errands.  she was not aware that she was dragging her pantyhose behind her.  it turned out that when she changed the night before, she took off her slacks and pantyhose in one swoop, that she didn’t realize the pantyhose sort of clung to her slacks which she again was going to wear on this day. she had already been to the streets, strutting joyfully and feeling like “everyone is happy today” with people smiling back at her, maybe unusually he he.  it was too late when she realized how embarrassing it was but took it as something to remind her of the other things that she dragged through her life worse than the pantyhose, such as guilt, anger, fear and shame. she would end her story, as with all the rest of her stories, with a question or statement for the reader to think about, for this one, it goes “Excuse me, but what is that you’re dragging?”
then there’s another titled “Quiet Noise” (Chapter 22)
it is about how she struggles to stay focused while having her quiet time. like when she was supposed to be praying for a family member (she prays wide-eyed, perhaps to avoid nodding off) and noticing the dust built up under the chair in her living room, she began vacuuming, forgetting that she was in the middle of prayer time.  she resorted to writing down her prayers so she can focus more and finish her prayer time without interruptions.. her last line though was “Let’s see now…. where did i put that book?” he he..
we all are not perfect, no matter how we try to follow God’s ways.  it is good to acknowledge our being “cracked” at times. we ought to know that God uses our imperfections to know Him better, to cling to Him more. in the Bible, Jesus has said “it is not the healthy that needs the doctor, but the sick” (Matthew 9:12). truly enough, my being “cracked” was the main thing that brought me to know God more. He is the doctor and i am His patient. He is the potter, i am His clay, though i have hardened, i am a cracked pot, and i need Him to fill in those cracks with His light so others may see His work in my life, as humblest as i can be.

cracked pot 1

Isaiah 64:8 “We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

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