yes, i memo-wise….

have you heard people advising you to memorize bible verses? i did and still do, but the difference is, before, i never understood why the need to do that, now, with my growing personal relationship with God, i am wiser to be doing it.

back in my school days, my teacher told me not to memorize, just understand the lesson then it will be easier to remember. so she meant that understanding what is being taught is better than just memorizing without really understanding.

but how about memorizing with understanding? i call it “memo-wising”.

i choose bible verses that will be most meaningful to me, those which i think i can use to guide me in any good or dire situation i am in. let me tell you, they are very helpful! say, when days i wake up and unsure of what is to be for the whole day, my memory bank is like a rolodex, where i browse and pick up Psalm 139 where it says there, “You know when i sit and when i stand, You perceive my thoughts from afar…. You discern my going out and lying down, You are familiar with all my ways…” it feels just like saying “yes Lord, i hear You and i remember.”


another instance is, when having disagreements with my husband, sometimes, these are not settled amicably.. instead of harboring anger and frustration, i will quickly scan my “rolo-verse” and mumble Proverbs 15:1 “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger..” it is truly pacifying.

how do i do it? i’m sure we all have different ways to memorize verses, but for me, first of all, i pray for the Holy Spirit to direct me which verse to pick, then i ponder on it, try to understand which part of bible story it was said or occurred, then i put each and every word in my heart as if God speaks to me personally. also, writing them down over and over again sure helps… i do utter them while in the shower or while busy in my kitchen.. that way, it will be easier to remember the verses with understanding.

i encourage you to start memo-wising, not only that it’s a good brain exercise, not only it makes one wiser, it also makes difficult situations (even HAPPY situations) easier to comprehend and accept, because the bible indeed contains a lot of good life instructions and believing that it is God-breathed, we are assured that it will lead us to a more righteous life and a life pleasing to Him.

Psalm 119:11
“Your words have I hidden in my heart that I might not sin against thee.”



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